Design Guidelines

spherex-protect was designed with strict design guidelines to make sure it complies with highest standards of cyber security. Following are the guidelines that inspired the building of spherex-protect:

Preemptive Security, 0day Resistant

Proactively and automatically block suspicious transactions BEFORE they're finalized, whether known or Zero-day vulnerabilities.


spherex-protect only blocks suspicious transactions, while approving legitimate transactions and maintaining the dApp's continuity. The protected dApp remains up and running regardless of the attack, such that users never lose access to their funds or experience a denial-of-service

Decentralization and Governance

spherex-protect complies with every governance structure set by the customer and can be decentralized or centralized per the dApp's choice.

Verifiable Security and Censorship Resistant

The on-chain code can be transparent and verified per request, such that every end-user or client-side application would be able to independently verify that spherex-protect is installed and enabled, and that there's nothing to hide.

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