Off-chain Backend

Off-chain Simulations

On-chain classification of legitimate and suspicious transactions during transaction execution requires uploading a safe baseline of transaction execution fingerprints to the SphereXEngine. This baseline can be built automatically, by providing legitimate transactions:

  • In case of existing operational dApps - historical transactions are replayed in simulation in order to extract their execution fingerprints

  • In case of new dApps without history - spherex-protect allows simulating legitimate transactions in a testing envirnment.

spherex-protect can also be set to passthorugh-mode during a training period during which the transactions will be collected and analyzed. The on-chain components will not revert any transaction during training phase.

Behavioral Reports

After a suspicious transaction is reverted, the dashboard web-app automatically fetches the transaction, enriching the off-chain and on-chain data. It then creates a detailed report describing the suspicious behavior together with additional proprietary and 3rd party data, to allow the operator to fully understand what could happened and provide him with actionable intel.

The dashboard web-app analyzes approved or reverted transactions on-chain, but is also capable of analyzing raw transactions, that were never submitted (in the case that a user fails to submit a transaction)

Alert System

The dashboard web-app can send alerts on any real-time event using Slack, Telegram and more (according to the dApp owner's choice)

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